Single Static Binary

  • Deployment is then as simple as it gets.
  • Docker-friendly.

Shell Agnostic

  • Kapow!, like John Snow, knows nothing, and makes no assumptions about the shell you are using. It only spawns executables.
  • You are free to implement a client to the Data API directly if you are so inclined. The spec provides all the necessary details.

Not a Silver Bullet

You should not use Kapow! if your project requires complex business logic.

If you try to encode business logic in a shell script, you will deeply regret it soon enough.

Kapow! is designed for automating simple stuff.

Interoperability over Performance

We want Kapow! to be as performant as possible, but not at the cost of flexibility. This is the reason why our Data API leverages HTTP instead of a lighter protocol for example.

When we have to choose between making things faster or more interoperable the latter usually wins.